How To Feng Shui Your Desk

How To Feng Shui Your Desk

how  to feng shui your desk


Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects to attract positive energy. If you don’t “feel right” or are uncomfortable in your space Feng Shui can make it feel more like home.

Start by clearing your clutter and organize in a way that suits your work style. Being organized can improve time management and productivity

(all the more reason to go feng shui!)

There are 9 sections for your desk to represent different parts of your life and be can used as a guideline

  1. Wealth: The back left corner is great for a plant or valuable item like a jar of change
  1. Reputation: This area represents who you are to the world. Place business cards, a nameplate here or an award from your accomplishments. Need business cards? Create your own with our printable business cards. Try also using the color red here if you can
  1. Love: Place a photo of loved one, or a red or pink flower in a vase on the top right corner to invite more successful relationships into your life.
  1. Family: Displaying a family photo, a gift from a family member, or a wooden bowl or lamp in the left center helps nourish family ties. Accent this space in shades of blue or green.
  1. Health: Make sure to keep the center area clear of dust or dirt. Energize the space with yellow or green tones, or symbols of the earth
  1. Creativity: For the middle right of your space Add a journal or light to enhance creativity. Try to accent in something in copper, silver, gold, or other metals. Our notebooks are the perfect addition to spark your creativity.
  1. Knowledge: Struggling to learn something new? Focus on the front left corner of the desk and Place a something like a reference book here
  1. Career: The front center represents your career; make sure to keep this space clutter free. Place a small daily affirmation or motivational quote written on our notecards.
  1. Helpful People & Travel: This bottom right space is for to staying connected to those support you. You can put your phone or an address book (do people use those anymore?) This area also represents travel, so place a our map printed envelopes  or a photo of a dream vacation. Accent colors are gray and silver.


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