How To: Address Wedding Invitations

How To: Address Wedding Invitations

Whether you are more modern or staying traditional, addressing your wedding invitations can be confusing! Here we share some insight on how to properly address your guests!

Married Couple:married couple

Family (inviting children):

familyYou do not have to write "and family" on the outside card if (you don't want to) but be sure to include each member's name on the inside card.

To a Married Couple That Use Different Last Names:

married couple diff last namesList the person you're closest with first. If you're similarly acquainted with both, list in alphabetical order.

*If you are more traditional: an unmarried couple living together has each name on it's own line*

Same-Sex Couple:

same sex

Use the same rules as you would for any other unmarried or married couple. If the couple is married, list the names on the same line or you can list their full names without titles if you prefer

Married  Doctor:

doctorOther Distinguished Titles:

titlesApply the same rules for military personnel, judges, reverends, etc., that you use for doctors.

Other tips:

As a rule, write a person's full name rather than a nickname

How to add "and Guest:"

It can be a little impersonal or awkward to address an envelope: Mr. Robert James and Guest. Here is where the tradtional two envelopes work well. The outer envelope should be addresses: Mr. Robert James

while the inner envelope can say: Mr. Robert James and Guest.

Using one envelope? You can include a note with your invite: "Dear Robert, You are welcome to bring a guest to our wedding. Please let me know."



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