Homemade Wreath Idea and a Funny Story

"Picture this: My dad strolls in from work with the most stunning homemade wreath you've ever seen. Now, let me set the stage – my dad, Poppa Donald, is not your typical holiday enthusiast. He's more of a cheerful, laid-back kind of guy (a former hippie, if you can believe it), not one for decking the halls or joining in on festive traditions.

But then, out of the blue, he proudly declares, 'Handmade, baby.'

I was left utterly baffled. Could this be opposite day or some sort of holiday miracle? As it turns out, he'd fashioned this masterpiece using wire, fake evergreen material, and an array of delightful accessories. Poppa Don had gone all out, adorning it with tiny cardinals and pine cones that gave it a rustic charm.

Seeing his newfound enthusiasm, I decided to share some exciting ideas for future projects. After a quick online search, I stumbled upon a fantastic article over at M&J Trimming's blog titled 'Top 5 Holiday Wreaths.' He promised he'd tackle a different color ribbon wreath next year, and naturally, I told him that all the supplies he'd need can be found at JAM Paper. Jam Paper has ribbons in every color, width, and design imaginable."


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