Homemade Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea

Homemade Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate all they are thankful for over a nice home-cooked meal. If you're the type of host who likes to create a table as warm and inviting as your cooking, then you are going to love our homemade Thanksgiving place setting idea. We created a one of a kind  place setting that looks like a decorative bale of hay using decorative cardstock and a few other simple items.

Homemade Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea


Each place setting requires 4 pieces of paper. Depending on how many place settings you need to make, you might need more pieces of paper.


Take the piece of brown kraft paper and sketch out the measurements for the rest of the paper. Fold the paper in half vertically so you can find the center. From the center measure out 1/2'' on both sides, this will give you a 1'' section at the center of the paper. Draw lines along this measurement the whole length of the paper. Next, measure out 1/4'' sections on each side of the paper. This will be how thick your strips of "hay" will be. Homemade Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea


Next layer all other pieces of paper (ivory, gold, copper) under the measured kraft paper. Gently score the 1" lines so when you bend the hay, it will stay nicely. Then carefully cut the 1/4" sections down until you reach the edge of the 1" line. Do this on both sides.

Homemade Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea

Wrap and Tag

Once you have all four pieces of paper cut, they are now ready to roll into your bale of hay. Keeping the pieces of paper on top of each other, gently roll the papers into a tube like shape. Once you have the pieces of paper rolled together secure by tying a piece of wraphia loosely around the center. Adjust the width of the hay by shifting the papers around. Once you have settled on the appropriate width of your hay you can now wrap the entire center with the oatmeal wraphia ribbon. Finish by tying the ends in a knot.

Homemade Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea

Decorate & Attach the Tag

The final step is to add the gift tag so the guest will know which seat is theirs. Using blank white gift tags with string,simply add the guest's name with marker. Attach the tag by wrapping the string around the center of the hay and tying.

Homemade Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea

Homemade Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea

Last but not least set the fished bale of hay on the appropriate guest's dinner place setting. With the rich gold and copper stardream cardstock in this place setting, you might not even need a table centerpiece.

Creating a Memorable Homemade Thanksgiving Place Setting Idea

When it comes to hosting Thanksgiving dinner, the little details can make a big impact. One way to add a personal touch to your table is by creating a homemade Thanksgiving place setting idea. Whether you're hosting a large gathering or an intimate dinner, a thoughtfully crafted place setting can set the tone for the entire meal. From personalized name cards to handcrafted centerpieces, there are countless ways to infuse your creativity into your Thanksgiving table decor. Not only does this add a special touch to the occasion, but it also shows your guests how much you care about their experience. Plus, it's a fun and rewarding way to express your creativity and get into the holiday spirit.

Benefits of Homemade Thanksgiving Place Settings

Homemade Thanksgiving place settings offer a range of benefits. Firstly, they add a personal and heartfelt touch to your table decor, making your guests feel special and appreciated. Additionally, creating homemade place settings allows you to customize the design to match your overall theme or color scheme. This level of personalization can elevate the entire dining experience and create lasting memories for your guests. Furthermore, crafting homemade place settings can be a fun and engaging activity for you and your family, providing an opportunity to bond and create something beautiful together.

Use Cases for Homemade Thanksgiving Place Settings

Homemade Thanksgiving place settings can be used in a variety of settings, from formal sit-down dinners to casual gatherings. They are particularly well-suited for intimate family dinners, Friendsgiving celebrations, and other small-scale events where attention to detail is appreciated. Additionally, they can be tailored to match different decor styles, from rustic and traditional to modern and minimalist, making them versatile for any type of Thanksgiving gathering.

Alternatives to Homemade Thanksgiving Place Settings

If you're short on time or prefer not to create homemade place settings from scratch, there are alternative options available. You can consider purchasing customizable place setting kits or utilizing pre-made elements that can be personalized to suit your preferences. Additionally, there are various DIY kits and craft supplies that can help simplify the process while still allowing for a personalized touch.

Tips for Creating Homemade Thanksgiving Place Settings

When creating homemade Thanksgiving place settings, consider incorporating natural elements such as fall foliage, pinecones, or seasonal flowers to add a touch of warmth and authenticity. Additionally, personalized name cards or small tokens of appreciation can make each guest feel special and valued. It's also important to consider the overall theme or color palette of your table decor to ensure that the place settings complement the aesthetic seamlessly.

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Thanksgiving Table

By incorporating homemade Thanksgiving place settings into your holiday table decor, you have the opportunity to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects your personal style and thoughtfulness. Whether you opt for a simple and understated design or an elaborate and intricate creation, the effort and care you put into crafting these place settings will not go unnoticed. Ultimately, it's a meaningful way to enhance the Thanksgiving experience for both you and your guests.


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