Halloween Decoration - Candy Corn Garland

Halloween Decoration - Candy Corn Garland

Candy corn garland isn't your typical spooky Halloween decoration that you would find on a haunted hay ride. Instead, this garland is meant to be hung in a class room or office to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. We love it because it celebrates everything that  Halloween is about: fear and candy! Candy Corn Garland

Creating the Candy Corn Garland

To create the garland you will need the following things: Layer One - Yellow Take two pieces of your Brite Hue yellow paper and fold them horizontally in half. The next step is where your artistic skills come in handy. Sketch out the candy corn size with a pencil, making it the full length of your folded piece of paper. Make sure you leave enough room for the ends to have that curved effect. You can fix the edges to give a cleaner curved effect when you cut them out. Layer Two - Orange For this layer, take your deep orange paper and lay it over the top of your already cut out yellow candy corn paper, but do not center it. Keep the paper slightly to the right so you can see how much yellow you want to peek through the top. Making sure you hold the orange paper directly where you want it positioned on the yellow paper, cut the bottom half of the orange paper to the length of the yellow candy corn paper. Adjust the edges by trimming off excess. Next, cut the top of the paper making it slightly curve down (unlike the top of the yellow that curves up). ***Orange is the dominant color in the candy corn so it should be the biggest section. Layer Three - White Your last layer will be the Strathmore white cardstock. Determine how much you want the white paper to show by following the same process as the orange layer. Remember to curve the top of the paper downward. Assemble Once you are sure about the size and shape of your layers the next step is to glue them all together. Lay down the yellow and glue the orange cut out directly on top. next attach your white section to the very bottom. Let dry for about 10-15 min.

Adding a Little Scare

To add the BOO to the garland you will need a sheet of black linen cardstock and a printer. We used Microsoft Word to create the lettering and printed it directly onto our cardstock. You may need to do a couple of test prints on regular computer paper to get the size of the letters right. Glue the letters onto the candy corn.

Candy Corn Garland

Assembling the Candy Corn Garland

Now that your candy corn is dry and your letters are cut out the nest step is attaching them all together. Lay all three candy corn cutouts on top of each other and punch holes in the top right and left corners (make sure you leave enough room so they wont tear when you add the wraphia). Next, cut out two 4" pieces of wraphia. Tie the center O candy corn to the others using these small sections of wraphia. Cut off the excess wraphia. Lastly, cut 2 8" pieces of wraphia to act as the ties at the end of the banner. Loop through and make a small circle, letting the excess hang off the ends. Candy Corn Garland There you have it! An easy Halloween craft sure to brighten up your home or office. Make sure to check back in for more Halloween inspired craft projects.


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