Halloween Candy Bowl Craft - Black Cat Bucket

Halloween Candy Bowl Craft - Black Cat Bucket

Are you the type of family who leaves out the Halloween candy bowl for all the little neighborhood kiddies to help themselves as you relax and watch your favorite scary movies? Well just because you're not outside taking part in the festivities doesn't mean you can't get into the Halloween spirit with this original Halloween candy bowl craft! It's really easy to make and is sure to impress all the other families on the block.

black cat halloween bucket filled with candy on brick steps


This one of a kind candy bucket only requires some cardstock, tape, and our metal bucket to create. To recreate our exact black cat, here's what we used:

  1. Black Metal Bucket
  2. Gold Stardream Paper
  3. Light Pink Cardstock
  4. Black Linen Cardstock
  5. White Paper
  6. Tape/Glue
  7. Oh yeah, CANDY!

Create the Face

closeup of Halloween Candy Bowl Craft black cat face


To create the black cats spooky yellow eyes, we sketched out a small almond shape on our gold Stardream Metallic paper. Next, we cut out our sketch and used it as a template to create the other eye. Once you cut out the second eye, it's time to work on the scary black pupils. Take the black linen cardstock and trace out a triangle with slightly curved sides. Make sure its as long as the highest points in the yellow eyes you previously cut out. Once you've got the right size and shape, use this cut out as a template to create the second pupil. Secure the pupils to the yellow eye balls by gluing them to the center.

Halloween Candy Bowl Craft yellow slanted cat eyes


To create this little kitty's pointy black and pink ears and tiny nose, you will need the baby pink 80lb cardstock and the black linen cardstock. To create the ears, sketch out a small triangle about the size of a computer mouse. We curved the edges, but you can keep the ears super pointy by keeping the edges straight. Follow the same steps as before and cut out the sketch and use it as a template to create the second ear. For the inner pink detailing, follow the same steps you did when creating the black section, only this time sketch the triangle slightly smaller. Once all the sections are cut out, secure the pink paper to the black.

black pail full of halloween candy with pink cat ear

Whiskers & Nose

Creating the cats wispy whiskers involves our white paper and some scissors. Cut out six thin strips of white paper about the width of headphone wires. Take all the strips of paper in your hand and curl them with the scissors like you would do when you are curling ribbon. To create the nose, we took left over pink cardstock and sketched and cut out a small triangle with curved edges. The nose is about the length of the tip of your thumb to the knuckle.

black Halloween Candy Bowl with nose and whiskers

Attach all the pieces to the bucket with either tape or glue. We used tape, but if you want to reuse this bucket year after year, glue maybe a more permanent option.

Create the Sign

Sketch and cut out a talk bubble onto the black linen cardstock. Use this as a template for the white talk bubble but when during the cutting out process, trim the edges to be slightly smaller so the black will peak out. Write out a clever Halloween inspired note requesting trick-or-treaters to take just one piece of candy. We went with the ultra witty "PURRlease take just one. I'm not KITTEN!"

diy pail craft with black and white speech bubble

Last but not least fill this newly crafted Halloween candy bowl with all the neighborhood kids' favorite goodies.

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