JAM is Your Holiday Gift Wrap Store in NYC

Gift Wrap Store

JAM is Your Holiday Gift Wrap Store in NYC

Its Christmas time in the city!

For us New Yorkers on the JAM team, this is our favorite time of the year. The tree goes up, the temperatures go down, and there is nothing quite like the holiday window display at Bloomingdale's. Though our window displays might not be as fancy as Bloomies, we do carry some incredible gift wrapping products. At our 2 NYC locations you will find handmade wrapping paper, gift tags, and rows upon rows of ribbon and glittery gift wrapping embellishments that you just can't find anywhere else. Check out all that JAM has for you this holiday season and why we should be your holiday gift wrap store in NYC.

Rows and Rows of Ribbon

Are you the kind of gift wrapper that believes its not a gift until its wrapped? Us too! We carry ribbon in every color, style and size you could ever need. Ribbon on shelf red and green ribbon on shelves Too much ribbon for you to handle? Check out the top 3 choices other customers love: Ribbon Gift Wrap Ribbon Ribbon Egg

One of a Kind Wrapping Paper

Ribbon is a great way to top off a nice gift, but the wrapping paper is the foundation. Our Christmas design wrapping paper comes in over 70 different styles and sizes. Or if your looking for a wrapping paper without a design we also have a number of colored wrapping paper styles in matte, foil or cello finish.

Man wrapped in paper with Santa hat in holiday store

Big Selection of Bows

Now that you have found the perfect wrapping paper, it's time to find the perfect gift bow. Buy one at a time or a bag of bows in various colors and sizes. Gift Wrap Store

Hard-to-Find Embellishments

Do you like to add a bit more pizzazz than the average gift bow? Then this is your section. Instead of a bow, add a glittery snowflake or some brightly colored icicles. Gift Wrap Embellishments

Bag it Up

Not big on gift wrapping? Pick up a bunch of gift bags instead. We have gift bags big enough to fit a laptop or small enough to hold a nice set of earrings.

Assorted color gift bags

Not going to be in NYC during the holidays? Still want to get all of your favorite JAM holiday gift gifting items? Find them all here.

-Happy Wrapping-


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