iLoveMyDog: DIY Milton Glaser-Inspired Wall Art (and more!)

 iLoveMyDog: DIY Milton Glaser-Inspired Wall Art (and more!)

Framed images, I, heart, pug

Make This “I❤️NY”-Inspired DIY to Share All Your *True* Feels

New York is where it's at -- but your love for your pet is also super-important.  Make this Milton Glaser-inspired wall art to show how you really feel about things in 2017.  Show love for your cats, show love for your boyfriend... show love for fish tacos! (Just don't get too carried away with the perishable food items.) We used specially-dyed, bright hue paper and amazing 3-D origami to make our “I❤️NY” heart glow.  Keep reading for more inspiration and the easy, DIY deets.

[caption id="attachment_22633" align="alignnone" width="2709"]Picture frames, I heart pug I ❤️ Karl Barx[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_23004" align="alignnone" width="3652"]Picture frames, I heart cat I ❤️ Mitsy[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_22634" align="alignnone" width="2709"]Picture frames, I heart (my baby!), baby feet I ❤️ My Baby[/caption]

What You Need:

  • a cute photo
  • shadow frames (3 or 4)
Materials: scissors, paper, glue gun, wood sticks, pictures, picture frames, ruler
Measure the inside of your shadow frames.  In a photo editor or word processor, center and print an "I" in the shape of your first shadow frame. Make a copy of your favorite picture. Cut the picture in the shape and measurements of another shadow frame. With your origami paper, cut out a 6" x 6" square. Follow the instructions of your origami heart tutorial. Hot glue the back of your heart into a shadow frame, then place your "I" and picture in the first and last shadow frames. That's it! Framed photo of cat
Choose a photo you love.  For an artsy effect, give your picture a go in Snapchat or the Prisma filter app (pictured above).
Red square, wooden sticks, purple heart Pick an origami heart tutorial for your JAM Brite Hue Paper.  We went super-conceptual with this geometric Puffy Origami Heart from Paper Kawaii.  This heart takes some time, but it's worth it.  There are also some cute, easy alternatives on Pinterest. Red origami heart Tip: Measure twice, cut once: Crease your lines well during the origami-folding process for paper hearts with sharp, structural lines. cat, i love my cat, origami heart, paper heart, origami, DIY, wall art, DIY Wall Art Place your "I" and your picture in their respective frames, then hot glue your origami heart in the center frame so it stays in place. And you're done! [caption id="attachment_22617" align="alignnone" width="3652"]Framed photos, I, heart, jellybeans I ❤️ Candy[/caption] [caption id="attachment_22898" align="alignnone" width="3652"]Framed photos, I, heart, two friends I ❤️ My Sister[/caption] [caption id="attachment_23011" align="alignnone" width="2709"]Framed images, I, heart, (my home), picture of a house I ❤️ My Home[/caption]

Have a quirky idea for pictures or subjects for your wall art? Share it in the comments section below!  The bottom line here is ❤️!

~ Happy folding!


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