DIY Paper Lanterns

DIY Paper Lanterns

These DIY Paper Lanterns are sure to light up any summer event! Easy, fun to make & the perfect craft for your kids!

Paper lanterns finished Requirements:

Now Let's Get Started...

Start by folding your piece of paper horizontally into two halves.

Pink paper folded, clear ruler

Place your ruler at the bottom edge of the paper. Mark a dot at 3/4 of every inch- there should be 8 marked dots in total.

Pink paper cut, ruler, paper

Grab your scissors and cut along each mark to the middle of the folded paper. There should be 9 cut tabs in total.

Pink paper clipped, ruler

Decide what pattern you want your lantern to have. For this lantern I used a (1 inch) Flower Hole Puncher and punched 5 flowers onto the side of the paper WITHOUT tabs. Pink paper with flower shapes hole punched When punching out your pattern onto the tabs, you have the freedom to put them wherever you'd please- just be cautious!!!! Remember to stay away from the edges of the tabs. If you punch a hole (flower) onto an edge, when rolling, the paper will begin to fall apart. Paper folded into lantern shape Once your desired pattern is cut open up your paper and roll it into a tube shape, like in the image shown above. Staple (or tape if preferred) the lantern together! Paper lanterns finished

Light or turn on your battery operated candles, place your lanterns on top and voila!! Adorable neon paper lanterns, perfect for all of your summer night shin-digs! And super easy, huh?


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