DIY Paper Kites

Thinking back to my childhood, summers mainly consisted of playing outside with my friends, swimming, eating ice cream & flying kites on the beach. One of the best feelings as a kid was after constant trial and error, looking back during a run & finally seeing your kite soaring through the air!! Here are some some simple steps on how to make your own "DIY" paper kite- reminisce on childhood memories in addition to creating some new ones!

red and gray grid diy paper kites with blue streamers


Now Let's Get Started...

Take a sheet of red paper and a ruler, place the ruler diagonally from corner to corner on the paper. Make a mark at every inch with a pencil- this is where your lines and the basis of your pattern is going to be.

red paper with silver lines drawn in grid pattern

Draw lines across the paper where the marks are, with your metallic sharpie. Do the same on the opposite side of the paper to give it that "criss cross" effect.

Fold your paper in half, horizontally.

folded red and silver paper for diy paper kites

Fold the top right corner in towards the other side of the paper (shown in the image on left). Fold that flap onto both sides of the paper and there is the shape of your kite (shown in the image on the right).

red coffee stirrer taped to underside of red paper kite

Place tape down the center of the kite to meld both sides together. Tape a coffee stirrer on horizontally to give your kite some support.

blue tissue paper cut into strips and taped in a row on tail end of red paper kite

Using your JAM Baby Blue Tissue Paper cut pieces for the tail of your kite. Tape the pieces of the tail on to the bottom of your kite.

tail end of diy paper kites hole-punched

Finally, hole punch the tail end of your kite. This is where you are going to tie your twine in to the kite!

brown twine threaded through tail of red paper kite

completed red and gray diy paper kites

And there you have it! DIY Paper Kites that are simple and fun to make- and they really do fly, I promise!!


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