DIY: Oscar Party Invitations

DIY: Oscar Party Invitations

Every year my sister and I watch every movie nominated for The Academy Awards’ Best Picture. At Christmas time, we get an AMC gift card, and we’re on our way.

When the date of the Oscars’ arrive (this year it’s February 28th), we submit our ballots, watch the show, and whoever gets the most guesses right, buys the other one dinner.

I’m a Beasts of the Southern Wild (2013), Nebraska (2014), Birdman (2015), Room (2016) kind of gal, so my passion for those movies gets in the way of actually deciding on the true winners. In other words, my sister has won every year.

Now this is my kind of party. But maybe your type of party is where more than just 1 person tags along. Maybe 5, maybe 10, 20? How many will you invite with Oscar party invitations?

So I decided to create DIY: Oscar Party Invitations for any kind of party and any kind of guest count.

Lights, Camera, Action Invitation

grey black and white diy lights camera action oscar party invitations

For those who appreciate film for not only what it is now but also how it all started.

This idea came from the old school cameras used way before you, your parents, maybe even your grandparents were a thought. Bringing the classic look of the accordion style camera to your oscar party invitation will make your guests excited for the classic yet fun party you’ll be throwing!



  1. Use the Strathmore Paper, fold it once horizontally, and cut 6 slits in the center crease. The two slits furthest from the middle should be the shortest, the furthest two to the center should be the longest. This will create the pop-up stands you will need to create the accordion camera. With 6 slits you can create 3 layers. But if you’re looking for more, just add on slits by the 2’s!
  2. Pop out the slits and start creating your camera layers with our Dark Grey Paper. Cut out your shapes so you’re outlining each slit. The smallest slits will have the tallest paper layer, the biggest slits will have the smallest paper layer. Paste them onto the slits and you should now have three pieces of Dark Grey Paper standing up straight.
  3. To attach each piece, create a top section. Do this by cutting a 'roof' over each piece and taping them together. There should be two roofs.
  4. Once you’re finished with the hard part, you’re ready to start really creating! Start by cutting a black circle, smaller grey circle, smaller black circle, and the tiniest Strathmore circle to create the camera lens. Paste them together and put it on the front!
  5. Cut out Silver Stardream Paper to create your ‘Lights’ ‘Camera’ and ‘Action’ signs. I used a dialogue bubble shape for the words lights and camera and stuck with a rectangle for the word action. Stick them wherever you see fit!
  6. Attach your message to the bottom of the invite, however way you’d like to say it! I used Broadway style font for that classic look, but style it any way you want!
  7. Stick the invite in a super classy and fun Black Linen Envelope with Silver Lining and send it off!
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Red Carpet Ready Invitation

3d red and gold red carpet ready DIY oscar party invites

For those obsessed with who will win Best Dressed rather than what will win Best Picture.

A lot of people watch the Oscars for the dresses, glamour, and awesome tuxes. And when your group of family or friends only talk about that and how they would wear an amazing dress if they were famous, not like how those people are doing it, why not create Oscar Party Invitations that not only gives them a chance to dress up, but also gives them a prize for doing so!


red carpet ready materials - red paper, gold paper, red ribbon, gold sharpie, scissors, tape, gold stickers


  1. Glue the Dark Red Paper to the Gold Stardream Paper, you’ll understand later.
  2. Write ‘Are You Red Carpet Ready?’ on the top. I used an Art-Deco kind of font, but again, create any font you’d like!
  3. Cut out a long, thin rectangle on the Red Brite Hue Paper that goes way past the end of the Dark Red Paper and paste it in the middle.
  4. Write your details with a Gold Sharpie in the Brite Hue Red rectangle. Remember to save the very bottom to writing your prize for best dressed!!!
  5. Roll up the bottom of the red paper after writing your prize (we said $100 in cash, but it’s up to you), and when the prize is no longer seen, tape it down. Once your family and friends reveal their prize, they are sure to want to RSVP quickly!
  6. (Optional) Decorate with stars or any other design on the sides to get a more star-studded look.
  7. Roll the invite up to make it look like a diploma. Tie red satin ribbon around it and seal with a Gold Wafer Seal. Obviously these cannot be sent in the mail, but handing them off might be more fun anyway! Lot's of ways to make Oscar Party Invitations!
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Movie Popcorn Invitation

red white and gold diy oscars movie popcorn invitation

For those who love a reason to eat movie popcorn and/or really love the pop-art culture.

I asked a co-worker what popped in his mind first when he thought about movies. Of course with my personality, after he listed a few, I scream popcorn! He then rolled his eyes and went back to work. I thanked him anyway. He’s a good guy after all. You think he'll get any Oscar Party Invitations?


popcorn invite materials - yellow colored paper, white paper, black sharpie, scissors, tape, red envelope


  1. Make the opening of your envelope curved. I did this by outlining bumps in pencil and cutting the upper part out. Warning, this does get a little annoying but it’s worth it.
  2. Cut out strips of Strathmore White Paper that will match the size of the envelope, and the size of the curved bumps you just created. With a 4bar A1 Envelope, you can make 5 strips perfectly.
  3. Design your popcorn! I used a Black Sharpie with a Brush Tip to draw my popcorn pieces on our Yellow Brite Hue Paper. Make sure the length of your popcorn bundle is a similar length to the envelope itself. I was able to draw my popcorn but if you want to just print popcorn out, that works too!
  4. Make extra popcorn pieces that you can paste on the actual envelope so your popcorn looks like it’s actually popping!
  5. Paste a yellow rectangle to the bottom of your popcorn bundle and write your party info! Stick the invite inside and send it off! Your guests won’t know what hit ‘em (besides the Oscar Party Invitations courtesy of JAM of course).
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Oscar Statue Invitation

black and gold oscars party invitations trophy statue invite

For those, like myself, that have always dreamed about winning an Oscar and always wanted a statue for themselves … and for all of their friends too.

This was my first idea. The Oscar Statue: what all of the actors/directors/producers really show up for. I wanted to celebrate the Oscar statue for all its beauty, elegance, and meaning. It celebrates the art of film, and who doesn’t like a good movie? (Side trivia: Oscar statues weigh up to 8 1/2 pounds!)


materials for oscar trophy invite - black envelope, gold paper, gold le pen, tape, scissors


  1. Fold the Gold Stardream Paper in half.
  2. Draw the Oscar Statue like I did (if you want a challenge) or search for an Oscar Statue template, print it out, and use that instead. Make sure that when you do draw it, the left widest point is on the crease. This way when you unfold it, the two statues will be attached. If you decide to print it, use standard white paper and glue our gold paper on top.
  3. Cut out the statue. Remember that you DO NOT want to cut the corner crease. If you do, the statues will not be attached.
  4. Write ‘And the Oscar Goes to…” on the bottom of the statue, where the ‘stand’ would be. Open the inside and write your information.
  5. For a personal touch, cut out a gold rectangle and paste ‘you’ on both end of the statue. Fold the middle part of it so that when it isn’t open, the ‘you’ will not be seen.
  6. If you want to make your envelope cool, try the next step (if not, stop reading here). By shaking our Gold Fine Line Opaque Paint Marker, I was able to decorate my #14 Black Linen Policy Envelope with a paint splatter pattern. NOTE: use a space where you don’t mind it getting dirty, or put newspapers on a table before starting. Just throw all of your might in the work and paint should be there in seconds.
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And there you have it! Oscar Party invitations the JAM way!

My vote is for Room to win. I don't think it will (cough The Revenant), but I’m rooting for it. Throw us a comment telling us what your favorite Oscar nom is! We'd love to hear some predictions, but NO spoilers! Thanks for learning about Oscar Party Invitations with us!


Oscar Party Invitations: DIY Ideas and Tips

Key Summary:

  • This article will provide creative ideas and easy DIY tips for making Oscar party invitations to impress your guests.
  • Importance of sending out stylish invitations to set the tone for the event and create anticipation among guests.
  • DIY materials needed include cardstock, glitter, ribbons, and embellishments for creating unique and glamorous invitations.

Hosting an Oscar party is a fun and exciting way to celebrate the biggest night in Hollywood. One of the key elements of a successful Oscar party is sending out stylish invitations that set the tone for the event and create anticipation among your guests. In this article, we will provide creative ideas and easy DIY tips for making Oscar party invitations that will impress your guests and make your event truly memorable. From Hollywood glamour themes to movie reel designs and award statue inspirations, we will cover everything you need to know to create stunning invitations that will wow your guests.

Importance of Invitations

Sending out invitations for your Oscar party is crucial in setting the mood and building excitement among your guests. A well-designed invitation can give guests a glimpse of what to expect at the event and create anticipation for the festivities to come. By putting effort into creating stylish invitations, you show your guests that you care about their presence and are committed to hosting a memorable and enjoyable party.

DIY Materials Needed

When it comes to making DIY Oscar party invitations, you will need a few key materials to bring your creative ideas to life. Some essential supplies include cardstock for the base of the invitation, glitter for added sparkle, ribbons for embellishments, and other decorative elements such as sequins or rhinestones. These materials can be easily found at craft stores or online, allowing you to customize your invitations to suit your party theme and personal style.

Who Should Consider This Product

DIY Oscar party invitations are perfect for:

  • Party hosts looking to add a personal touch to their event
  • Creative individuals who enjoy crafting and DIY projects
  • Those hosting themed parties or events
  • People who want to impress their guests with unique and stylish invitations
  • Anyone looking to save money on professional invitations

When to Utilize This Product

You should consider making DIY Oscar party invitations:

  1. When hosting an Oscar-themed party or movie night
  2. For special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or award show viewing parties
  3. When you want to add a personal touch to your event invitations
  4. If you enjoy crafting and want to showcase your creativity
  5. When you want to save money on custom invitations without compromising on style

Examples of Creative Use Cases

Here are some use case examples for DIY Oscar party invitations:

Hollywood Glamour Theme

  • Create invitations with gold accents and red carpet motifs
  • Incorporate Hollywood-inspired elements like stars and film reels
  • Add glitter and sequins for a touch of glamour
  • Use elegant fonts and wording to set the tone for a sophisticated event
  • Personalize each invitation with guest names for a special touch

Movie Reel Design

  • Design invitations that resemble a movie reel with filmstrip borders
  • Add popcorn embellishments for a fun and playful touch
  • Use black and white color schemes for a classic movie theme
  • Incorporate movie quotes or references for added authenticity
  • Include details about the event schedule or movie lineup on the invitation

Award Statue Inspiration

  • Shape invitations like Oscar statues using metallic paper and glitter
  • Add a red carpet background or Hollywood skyline for a dramatic effect
  • Embellish with faux jewels or rhinestones for a touch of luxury
  • Include details about award categories or party games on the invitation
  • Personalize each invitation with guest names and RSVP information

What Sets Our Product Apart

Our DIY Oscar party invitations stand out from the rest due to their unique and creative designs that capture the essence of Hollywood glamour. Each invitation is carefully crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that your guests will be impressed by the level of sophistication and style. Our product allows you to customize every aspect of the invitation, from the color scheme to the embellishments, making each one truly one-of-a-kind. With our easy-to-follow instructions and high-quality materials, you can create invitations that will set the perfect tone for your Oscar party and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

List of Occasions to Use Our Product

Our DIY Oscar party invitations are ideal for a variety of occasions, including:

  • Oscar-themed parties or movie nights
  • Birthday celebrations with a Hollywood glamour theme
  • Anniversary parties inspired by the glitz and glamour of the Oscars
  • Award show viewing parties with friends and family
  • Any event where you want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication

Maximizing Your Experience with Our Product

To get the most out of your adventure with our DIY Oscar party invitations, consider the following tips:


Make each invitation unique by personalizing it with the names of your guests and adding special touches that reflect their personalities. This extra effort will show your guests how much you value their presence and make them feel truly special.

Attention to Detail

Pay close attention to the details of your invitations, from the choice of paper and embellishments to the wording and design elements. The little touches can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the invitation, so take your time and ensure everything is perfect.

Theme Consistency

Ensure that your invitations align with the theme of your Oscar party to create a cohesive and immersive experience for your guests. Whether you choose a Hollywood glamour theme, a movie reel design, or an award statue inspiration, make sure that every element of the invitation reflects the theme accurately.

Invitation Inspiration Wrap-Up

In conclusion, creating DIY Oscar party invitations is a fun and creative way to set the tone for your event and impress your guests. By using materials like cardstock, glitter, and ribbons, you can design unique and stylish invitations that reflect your party theme and personal style. Whether you opt for a Hollywood glamour theme, movie reel design, or award statue inspiration, the possibilities for customization are endless. With a little creativity and effort, you can craft invitations that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your Oscar party truly unforgettable.

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