DIY Mother's Day Cards

DIY Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day is May 10th!

DIY mother's day cards DIY mother's day cards

Without the mothers in the world, where would we be? That’s right, absolutely nowhere!

This Mother’s Day, let’s all bring it back to the basics. Make your own card or write a letter explaining to them why they mean the world to you or both! She might cry in the process, but tears here would be a good thing. Let her know how grateful you are for those times she gave you amazing relationship advice, or she covered for you so Dad wouldn’t find out, or when she knew you needed ice cream without saying a word. Face it: we all would be lost without them!

 From the JAM team to every Mom out there, thank you for all that you do! Hope that all the moms out there enjoy these lovely DIY mother's day cards!

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