DIY Mini Canvas: Sunset

DIY Mini Canvas: Sunset

DIY Mini Canvas: Sunset As I look through Pinterest, I can't seem to find anything. I keep scrolling, scrolling, and can't fathom doing any of the projects. Too difficult. Too easy. Too many steps. I turned around pondering what to do and see one of my paper craft books, Beautiful Paper Cutting, standing on a shelf. Here's what I found: Paper Craft, sunset And I was so excited, I had to make it myself. And then I noticed these on my desk: pink wooden clips No not the clips, even though they are a close favorite to my le pens. The box it was put in! This cute wooden box would be my canvas, and I would create one shadow box like in the book. Then I figured this out: Wood box Putting all the different sizes of our wooden clips together, I can make an awesome panel canvas (they are like totes in right now). But really, they are. And this is when my excitement on a Friday afternoon really started.


Paper, scissors, glue, canvas
  1. Paper from JAM aka JAM Paper
  2. Mini Wooden Clips (for the boxes, and now you'll have two awesome DIY crafts!)
  3. Hot Glue Gun (to put the "canvas" together)
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue Stick
Now the Paper Choices. These are totally up to you, depending on if you want a sunrise, sunset, a nice beach day, etc. Here's what I used: Paper, multiple colors
  1. Sky: Red, Pink, Violet
  2. Sun: Gold, Dark Orange
  3. Water: Navy Blue, Presidential Blue, Teal, Aqua

STEP 1: The Background

Pick your background color to be the color of your most upfront 'wave'. This would be my aqua (lightest blue) color for my particular project. ***You have to be patient when putting your background up. This is because you want it to cover the entire canvas, leaving no wooden spots. At the same time you cannot have it overlap or it will not lay flat. Keep this in mind throughout the project!

STEP 2: The Sun

Now in relation to your canvas, you want your sun to be a little less than half of the biggest box (or the middle). Cut out the same size circle for Gold as for Dark Orange (you can use yellow, then orange, or light grey then navy blue for the moon). The Dark Orange goes behind the Gold Stardream and peeks out to its right a little. Measure where you will cut and cut the sun in half. This way you will make a cool effect on your canvas instead of the whole sun in only one box.

Step 3: The "Mountain"

For this, all you're doing is ripping paper. The Navy Blue (or the darkest color) should be the roughest. Rip a piece of paper and you will see there is a smooth side and a rough side. **Always pick the rough side. You are ripping the navy blue paper to look like mountains. Cover one end of the sun with the navy blue and put the other Navy blue box under the sun. And then just measure the rest so it covers the whole bottom of the canvas! Over Under

Step 3: The Waves

The waves are the only paper you are cutting with a scissor instead of ripping. This is to create a smooth finish. Make each color a different size wave so they are not overlapping one another once you glue them on. Order: presidential blue, teal, and aqua. As you see in the picture below, the brush lines are all different, not having the same wave pattern. Mountains, canvas

Step 4: The Sky

Again the art of ripping paper comes into play. Order: violet (bottom), pink (middle), red (top). You don't have to show the pink in every canvas box, but you should definitely have the red in each. Canvas, pink, no pink And there you have it! Your own DIY Mini Canvas! Take your time with the project (mine took about an hour and a half). I had so much fun, that I gave it to my mom for a present. Now she has it on top of her door! DIY Sunset canvas Show us your creations in our comment section and we'll share it everywhere! Completed DIY sunset canvas Completed DIY sunset canvas


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