DIY Gift Card Holder Envelopes

DIY Gift Card Holder Envelopes

Are you having trouble figuring out what to give your friends and loved ones this Christmas? When nothing in particular comes to mind, a gift card for their favorite store or restaurant is always a safe bet. But you can’t have fun with warping gift cards the same way you can with wrapping gifts, right? Well, you may be in the wrong there. Here, I will show you how to make shining and festive little packages for your gift cars with JAM®’s Christmas Wrapping paper! These small, envelope style holders are fun and easy to make. assortment of shiny decorated silver metallic gift card holder envelopes All you need is:

Step 1:

Choose any color of wrapping paper that you would like to use as your base color. Unroll a section and face the back or odd side upwards.

Step 2:

Using the ruler and the pencil, trace a 7 ½ x 4 inch rectangle onto the back of the paper. You may want to use a standard sized plastic card to help you visualize the space needed.

traced gift card shape in pencil with ruler and pair of scissors on piece of paper

Step 3:

Use your scissors to cut the rectangle out.

Step 4:

The rectangle is going to be folded into three sections. Fold the bottom section of the rectangle upwards so that about ¼ of space would be left on each edge of a standard sized gift card. Fold the top half down to form a closing flap. Unfold the rectangle.

Step 5:

Carefully put thin lines of glue on the outside edges of the middle section of the rectangle.

hands gluing and folding silver foil paper into gift card holder envelopes

Step 6:

Fold the bottom section up and hold it down to form the pouch that your gift card will fit into.

Step 7:

While the glue begins drying, take the ruler and use it to trace an even triangle on the remaining top flap of the envelope.

hands folding silver foil paper

Step 8:

Use scissors to cut off the excess corners on that triangle. You now have a pointed envelope closure.

measuring silver foil paper with wooden ruler and drawing pencil lines

Step 9:

Now it is time to design the outside of the holder. You may do this in any way you wish using the other colors of metallic wrapping paper that you have. Here, a bell design was made using the gold foil paper and a three triangle design was made using the striped and silver foil papers. You may create any design you wish with the help of scissors or with a 1 inch hole punch. Simply cut out shapes and glue them on.

silver metallic envelope with golden bell design and silver striped triangle envelope

Step 10:

If you already have a gift card to give away, let the glue dry entirely and then place the card into the holder

Step 11:

Use one round wafer gold foil seal to close the holder. If you wish you may use a Sharpie or permanent marker to add a initial to the seal. Add “B” for Buddy or “K” for Kris Kringle!

silver gift card holder envelope with sharpie and monogrammed sticker seal Your Gift Card Holder Envelopes are now complete! Use them for Christmas or for any occasion that calls for gift card giving. The striped holder seen on the far right below was used to enclose gift card for a friend's wedding. Put them in Christmas stockings, tape them to larger presents or hand them to recipients as is. Your friends are sure to appreciate a gift they can spend on anything they'd like packaged inside of something bright, unique, and homemade. row of silver foil gift card envelopes with various designs


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