DIY: Geometric Paper Wall Art

You walk into Pottery Barn looking for something to hang on your wall. You browse through the store falling in love with pillows, desks, dining room sets, and then you turn the corner. You see the art piece you’ve always wanted, one you immediately fall for. You run to the sculpture/painting/photograph and admire, jaw dropped.

When of all of a sudden, you see $399.00.

You walk out of the store with slumped shoulders, your head is down … basically you look like Charlie Brown after a ‘good grief’ moment.

And then after you get some ice cream to cheer your up, you come home, and start searching the internet. You magically find this blog.

And now you’re very thankful.

And now you feel lucky.

But you’re still wondering why you’re feeling that way…

Well, it’s because we’re giving you some immaculate paper wall art that is solely done with …


paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art

That’s right folks. All you need are four packs of JAM Paper for our DIY Paper Wall art, and you have made a beautiful art piece. Well, at least you have the materials for it (steps are coming right up).

We decided to go with a blue theme and picked out our Aqua Paper, Teal Paper, Navy Blue Paper, and our Platinum Translucent Paper. But you can use any four colors you want. Currently I’m making a co-worker his own Brite Hue Red, Dark Red, Burgundy, and Stardream Silver version!

Here are some pictures I took to get you all inspired to make your own.

But also so you can send your own version to JAM’s Facebook so we can share it with the world.

Everyone wants to be famous … right?

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art

That convinced you … didn’t it?

Yeah, I know it did. So here are the steps to make your own Geometric Paper Wall Art Piece:

I’ve been asked to make a video, which might make it easier to see! But I still have the picture steps down below for reference. Just click the picture below!

Also … sorry for the rotation being off. If needed, I’ll try to make another soon! Love you guys!


Step 1:

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art

I wanted to make sure that my pieces were big enough to make a statement. Make a square with a standard sheet of paper by cutting the longer side to 8 1/2 inches. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, you can always cut the uneven sides along the way.

Step 2:

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art

Now we’re digging in to the substance of actually making this paper wall art. Fold the one side in half making it look like the second box. Flip it the other way and fold that part down too. You should have four equal squares by the end of it (like you see in box 4).

Step 3:

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art

Next, fold the bottom section to the center and then the top section to the center. This should make the flat piece of paper now have 8 different sections.

Step 4:

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art, how to make paper wall art

The paper should be folded again so that the inside has the two latest folds and the outside is smooth. After that, work with each square box you see. You want to fold one side of the first box to make a triangle. Make sure that the tip of the corner touches the end of the crease. Then make another triangle so that the other corner touches the other end of the crease. Repeat this with the other box. It should end up looking like the fourth picture above … hopefully.

Step 5:

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art, how to make paper wall art

Fold the triangle on the corner of one end inward. The triangle on the opposite (or diagonal) side should be folded inward too.

Step 6:

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art, how to make paper wall art,

Bring the two top corners together. Make sure you’re folding inward like the left picture above! When you put the two together, they should not end up on top of the triangle as seen in the right picture.

Step 7:

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art, how to make paper wall art

The three sections of paper that I have shown in the first picture should go under the folded triangle you made in step 5. You may lift the folded section to tuck in the three pieces if needed.

Step 8:

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art, how to make paper wall art

Pop in the middle crease, put the two newly made triangles together, place it down, and you are done! Well … at least with the first shape. Now just make 26 more to make some JAM approved paper wall art!

But really, you can do whatever you want with these double triangles! Make them smaller if you’re looking for a smaller art piece, make them bigger (with our Tabloid Sized Paper) for a bigger one. Or use a standard sheet and just keep adding and adding and adding to make your own shape!

And when you really just want a holder for your phone, just place it in the crease.

paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art, how to make paper wall art, iphone

Bada-bing, bada-boom! This shape is so cool that people in the office are starting to ask for them! One person chose Navy, another Dark Red, and I picked Aqua. Another co-worker is still trying to figure out what color he wants, since JAM has wayyyy too many options to choose from.

I used regular tape to make my triangles stick to the paper. It worked for the time being but …

**If you want to really make your shapes stick, I would suggest foam mounting tape! Cut out thin strips and place it on the middle crease or punch out circles of the mounting tape on the ends!

I bet you already forgot about that super expensive Pottery Barn art piece didn’t you?

Wait … did I just remind you?


Some peeps were SO inspired, they made their own paper wall art!

Want to be featured on our blog too? Send us your creation via Instagram/Facebook/Twitter!

White geometric wall art, "by my Spirit"paper wall art, diy wall art, paper art, how to make paper wall artGeometric wall artpaper wall art, diy wall art, paper art, how to make paper wall art

Geometric wall art

Geometric wall art

79 Replies to “DIY: Geometric Paper Wall Art”

      1. I plan on trying this in my new apartment. Rather than mounting these on paper I plan on attaching them directly to the wall. For renters like myself whose landlord wants no visible damage on move-out, I will use the mounting foam. But to make removal easier, it’s very simple. To make the mounting foam SLIGHTLY less sticky on the side being attached to the wall, just prior to attaching, stick it to your face first. (Once should do it.) The epithelial cells (see any crime solving TV show) will stick to the foam making it less sticky but still workable. Then attach it to the wall. I learned this trick while working with Scotch Tape in my administrative work in offices, when the situation called for tape, but would later require easy removal, such as attaching memos to walls or windows, etc.

        1. Thank you so so much for this information!!! EVERYONE READ THIS! haha 🙂

          And definitely send a pic!! We’d love to see the final product!

    1. Okay so I got all of my triangles folded, but I don’t know how to mount them I used tape but it feels way to flimsy

  1. Can’t wait to try this. The toughest part will be deciding on colors!
    What did you mount or adhere the papers to?

    1. Hey There! Sorry for delay! I just used tape, but if you want to truly mount these onto the wall I would go with self-adhesive transfer tape. So excited that you’re going to try this! Send us a pic!!!

    1. I just used tape, but if you want your design is going and staying on the wall, l I would go with self-adhesive transfer tape. Please let us see a pic! Tag us on an insta post, tweet, or facebook share!

      1. hey there! again, I think foam mounting tape is most permanent – and that you can actually stick to your walls! Hope this helps!

    1. SUPER easy! I really didn’t go into this one thinking it would be so easy and fun! And show us your results! We’d love to see them 🙂

  2. Do you know if there’s any type of spray sealer you can put on the paper to give it a polished look?? Love this idea!

    1. Hey there! I would say look for Krylon’s Make It Last Spray Sealer. You can find this at most craft stores. I know Michael’s and Joann’s has it. Hope this helps!

    1. In this step, you’re not technically folding any part in, you’re making the crease so that it will make step 7 easier to fold in. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]!

  3. Hi there,
    I am making one to hang on the wall above my bed how did/would you stick the finished folded paper shapes to the Canvas/paper?

    1. I think your best bet is to use foam mounting tape – you should be able to find it any craft store. Elmer’s Craft Bond is a good one.

  4. Thanks for the cool idea, it came out perfectly. I live in Mexico so I used red, orange, mango, and teal to give it some local colour. And I used a hot glue gun along the middle creases to adhere the shapes to the paper. Worked like a charm. Plus, the whole thing only took me about an hour and a half, it was great! Thanks again.

    1. I have bot tried this idea but I will so most definitely will I mean I am movibg right now so I think this will be a great decoration for my room I mean something modern I LOVE IT!!! Thanks anyway for posting this so great and brilliant. btw sorry I put jampaper for the website idk what to put in that box sorry

      1. Thank you so much!!! We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see what your room looks like after the project! You’ll totally be featured! 🙂

    1. We’d love love love to see how it came out! Tag us on instagram or facebook @JAMpaper, and we’ll feature you in the blog!

    1. Great question! I used 30 inches by 35 inches. In feet that’s close to 2 1/2 ft x 3 ft. Hope this helps!

  5. Hey i just made the triangles… N now im tryna put them together .. I wil post a picha on insta .. Tq for this beautiful idea .. Im into paper quilli g n this really got me liking it 😉

    1. Don’t forget to tag us so we can shout you out!! And we’re currently working on a quilling project, so keep checking 🙂 thanks so much!

    1. I’m so excited you like it! I think some of my favorite colors we sell are in our brite hue collection! If you are doing the same shape as the one I did, I would go for our Ultra Lime, Sea Blue, Ultra Fuchsia, and our Ultra Orange. But check the page out, you might like our other colors too!

      We’d LOVE to see what you came up with! We’d feature you on the blog and everything! Email pics at [email protected] 🙂

  6. I can’t wait to try making a big wall sculpture! I’ll post a picture if I get it completed. I plan to make it part of my bedroom redecorating project! I’m using turquoise blue, light green, white and (probably) a pale peach or light terra cotta. A couple of ideas I had: I used a double-sided adhesive tape to anchor the underside triangles to the side of the sculptural piece. It helped the sculptural piece to sit flatter and gave it more stability. Because I primarily am a card-maker I also tried making smaller sculptural pieces using a 2.5″square and a 2″ square. The 2″ square is a better size for cards but the smaller it is the harder it is to fold if you are using card stock. Using paper might be better but could be flimsier. Kind of fun! Thanks.

  7. I enjoy doing things like this. I also appreciate this idea!! I am in the process of making a wall scupture with these on my bedroom wall. It will branch out and cover an approximate area of 12′ × 8′. It will all be white because I like to combine neutral colors with the rest of the colors. For example, my furniture is a mahogany brown and my walls are light caramel. I choose a color scheme. For instance; Red. All the fabrics including the bed sheets, pillows, curtains, and lamp shades are red. Therefore, with the white geometrical sculpture, I can add a small 3d colored (red) (can also be another color depending on the color scheme) triangle on top of a random white triangle. I will share after it is terminated!

  8. I’m not quite clear now to attach it since there isn’t a back to glue or tape anything on. Can someone explain ? I went through folding these all and id hate to ruin it by attaching it wrong. I thought of taping it together to link them first.

    1. I would definitely tape them together and link them before deciding what you want to attach it to. There are adhesive sprays out there that would most likely work! But only if you have a background on the art piece. Don’t want to be messing any walls up!

  9. Que lindo!! Amei a explicação e o resultado final é fantástico! Parabéns, tentarei desenvolver.

  10. So I’ve taped them all together to link it into one piece. I was going to get foam board to adhere it all to before hanging it on the wall, however, how are the shapes suppose to even stick to the foam board if the back of the origami shapes are hollow except for the edges and the middle fold? I don’t expect just that alone will hold it to a foam board, will it?
    I’ve seen other similar geometric shapes but they folded 3D triangle shapes that have a solid paper backing that they glued onto a surface, but these don’t have a backing. Do you know what I mean?

  11. This looks so beautiful! I’m planning on making some with my origami paper however does the color have to be on both sides?

    1. Hi there!
      The best paper to use is 24 lb. paper. You don’t want to go too thick because it gets difficult to fold. And of course, JAM paper is the best 😉

  12. I am not good with origami’s art. But I will try it anyway. It looks beautiful. I am working in a school’s new building and we can’t touch, paint or whatever on the walls, except use masking tape. I hope this work with it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. I love this so much and I have two questions. What size canvas would work best to do the first picture and how do you stick it to the canvas?????

  14. Thank you for your most detailed instructions for this beautiful wall art project. I enjoy doing many different paper projects and will also give this origami one a try. Thanks for sharing your talent! …and Happy New Year!

  15. Hi there,I really love this article!I’ve tried to make my first origami.pretty happy about the pieces.I can’t fix it directly on my wall so I glued my pieces on a foam board.I cuted it to not see the board but it distorded.I don’t find how to do ☹ hope some help.(sorry for my english,I’m french)

    1. Hi! Unfortunately, the page where the video tutorial was posted is no longer available. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience!

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