How to Create DIY Flower Votives

How to Create DIY Flower Votives

Love. It’s a crazy whirlwind. A rollercoaster of emotions. Some relationships are like Simba and Nala, two teens that can’t get enough of each other. And some relationships are like Tom and Jerry – they disagree all the time, but can’t live without each other. Now, people say you can’t live without love, but I don’t know, I kinda think oxygen is a tad more important. But when people fall so madly in love with each other they ask the infamous question, “will you marry me?” (cue the wedding bells).  I mean who wouldn’t want to get married right? You get to have one person to annoy for the rest of your life and they have to adore you UNCONDITIONALLY! So that’s what happened to my older brother. They did the whole falling-head-over-heels for each other thing for years and on a beautiful trip to Montreal he popped the question (aww). Anyway, while the rest of us sit around and wait for others to get a clue, I figured I’d contribute something to their upcoming wedding, besides myself (so excited to be a bridesmaid). DIY flower votives! I love these! You don’t have to be the best artist in the world – trust me I’m not – and it’s so affordable to make. The venue they chose is a botanical garden filled with so many dazzling, colorful plants – it literally looks like a fairy garden! I thought this would be perfect for them! DIY flower votives are adorable and so simple to make! Wanna try?

Make Eye-Catching DIY Flower Votives


    • Votive candles
    • Plate or bowl
    • Scissors
    • Pencil
  • Glue (optional)

supplies, diy, flower votives, tape, scissors


Step 1:

First things first, pick out at least three colors of paper (JAM paper…duuh). After asking my brother SEVERAL times and not getting an answer I asked his fiancé , who answered in twelve seconds, and informed me that the color scheme would be gold, white and grey. So I went with Stardream Metallic Gold, Translucent Clear, and Stardream Metallic Anthracite. Anywho, you place the votive on one sheet of paper and trace it. You can have the votive face up or down. Personally, I did both and found that placing it upside down gave me a little more wiggle room.

votive, pencil, diy flower votive

Step 2:

Place your plate or bowl over the little circle and trace again. I used a bowl because the plates here at the office were too big. And if you want to be fancy, you can use a compass. If you use a compass you can make your diameter about 8”.

Fun fact: for this step you can literally use any circular object, pot lid, and huge mug, whatever. You can even freehand if you REALLY need to (and hats off to you if you’re successful).

diy flower votive, diy, bowl, pencil

Step 3:

Draw a flower between the two circles. I went with pointy flowers but you can do what makes you happy and what you think looks good for your occasion. Be careful to not connect your flower to the middle circle. Your flower DOES NOT need to be perfect, take it from me, it will still look lovely in the end!

flower, pencil, diy, flower votive

Step 4:

Cut out your flower and then cut a hole in the center. I found it easiest to poke a hole with the scissor (USE CAUTION) and snip a small line up and down. Use that as an opening and then cut around.

diy flower votive, diy, scissors,. flower

When you are done with that, cut small flaps around the center.

diy flower votives, flaps, slits, flower

Step 5:

Repeat steps 1-4 as many times as need. Or you can simply use your first flower as a template for the other colors.

diy flower votives, flowers, template

Step 6:

Put your three different colored flowers together and fold the center slits. Layer the flowers nicely and try to let each pointy part (petal) of each flower show. If you still have any pencil marks, put that side down so people won’t see it.

diy flower votives, slits, flaps, flowers

Step 7:

Now turn your votive upside down and slip the flowers around the base (this is where it’s nice to have the little extra room). Secure it using your tape.

diy flower votives, diy, tape

If you want to change the position of the flowers on the votive have no fear, JAM Paper is here! I can’t tell you how indecisive I am and how many times I wanted to switch things up. With JAM Paper, it was easy to take off the tape with no issues and replace my flowers.

Step 8:

This next step is totally optional. From your scraps, cut a thin strip of paper to tape (or glue) on top of your paper flaps to have a seamless finish. You can use the same color as your bottom flower or you can be creative and use another color! I tried both!

diy flower votive, diy, paper, flower

Step 9:

That’s it! Turn your votive over and look at your masterpiece! If you feel that your flowers aren’t popping enough you can gently fold each petal upwards and that should do the trick. When you’re all set you can add your tea lights. I used battery operated candles which are totally affordable. I got mine from the Christmas Tree Shop, but the dollar stores have them too – my favorite is Dollar Tree.

diy flower votives, candles, tea light, decor

I hope your DIY flower votives come out as lovely as you imagined! I look forward to seeing mine in the wedding, or reception, I’m not picky (hint, hint). Remember to share with us pictures of whatever occasion you use these DIY flower votives for on Instagram and Twitter . I can’t wait to see my vision become a reality and I will definitely post my pictures as soon as possible! My DIY flower votives will be such a charming and personal way to welcome my future sister-in-law to the family!!

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