DIY Father’s Day Banner

DIY Father’s Day Banner

Alright dads, it’s your time to shine! Dads are always there to love you, protect you, and most importantly grill for you! But really, dads are amazing – I don’t know what I’d do without mine. So to show our dads a little appreciation, we have DIY Father’s Day Banner! We made one for moms so naturally we had to make one for dads! DIY Father’s Day Banner will be such a great way to show how much we  love our dads…just as much as our moms.

Shirts and Ties for Dad Day!


  • Scissors

DIY father’s day banner in blue paper with glue, ribbon, scissors, and paint markers

Step 1:

Download and print out the Father’s Day Banner Ties on cardstock; I used Peacock Blue. The first half of this step is optional. With your black paint marker, fill in the section where the two parts of the tie meet. You totally don’t HAVE to do this but I thought it made the tie look a little bolder. When you’re done, cut them out!

DIY father’s day banner coloring and cutting instructions

mini blue ties that spell out happy father's day

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Step 2:

Now download and print out the Father’s Day Banner Shirts on your choice of paper. I used Brown Kraft, Ultra Lime Brite Hue, Stardream Metallic Anthracite, Red Brite Hue, and Sapphire Stardream Metallic. Then cut out the shirts.

Sooo the Stardream Metallic Anthracite is currently out of stock BUT if you want it back sooner than later than comment below and let us know!  

diy father's day banner shirts outlined on kraft paper with scissors

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Step 3:

Now this step is optional as well but if you’re running short on time you totally don’t have to. Again this is just to amplify your DIY Father’s Day Banner! With your black paint marker trace the lines on the paper shirt.

brown shirt cutout against blue paper with black paint marker and instructions to trace and outline

Step 4:

This part is easy! Just can glue your tie to the shirt!

brown kraft shirt cutout with mini blue tie and elmer's glue

Step 5:

Time to dress up your Father’s Day shirt! Use your white paint marker to decorate the pocket square! I alternated between dots and stripes but be creative! Do what you feel your dad will love!

brown kraft shirt with mini blue tie and white decocolor paint marker

Hint: Sometimes the white paint marker doesn't show up. Use the silver paint marker, let it dry, and THEN use the white paint marker to brighten the color.

Step 6:

Phew! You’re done assembling your shirts and ties! Now it’s ribbon time! I used 3/8 Royal Blue Satin Ribbon.  As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been obsessed with twisting the ribbon together. I love it! It gives the banner a little more pazazz! But feel free to do it your way! Use the wood clips to clip the shirts to the ribbon.

diy father's day banner shirts and ties with twisted blue ribbon and blue mini clips

Congrats! That’s it! See? Wasn’t so bad was it? The fun dad, the conservative dad, or even the wacky dad – this DIY Father’s Day Banner represents all dads! Let’s not get crazy though, you still need to get your dad a little present but this banner will be sure to get the party started! Have a Happy Father’s Day and take the time to give your pops a hug – deserves it!

diy father's day banner paper shirts pinned on blue ribbon

brown kraft father's day shirt and tie pinned to ribbon with wood clip  father's day shirt and tie with dotted front pocket

diy father's day banner with colorful shirts

3-row DIY Father's Day Banner

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