Cool Paper Airplanes

Cool Paper Airplanes

If you say you don't like paper airplanes, you're a liar. You can make them anytime and anywhere and they provide you with endless entertainment. However, we don't want you to make any old paper airplane, we want you to make cool paper airplanes. How do you make cool paper airplanes, you ask? With cool paper of course! Yes, with our help, you could be the best paper airplane pilot this world has ever seen. But enough about you and me, let's talk more about the awesomeness of paper airplanes.

Quick facts about paper airplanes:

  • They date back to Ancient China and Japan circa 500 B.C. It's no surprise that this is also when origami became popular in Japan (the Japanese sometimes call paper airplanes "aerogami").

  • Unsurprisingly, the most significant use of paper airplane models were used by the Wright brothers between 1899-1903.

  • World records include: longest distance (226 feet, 10 inches) and longest time (27.6 seconds (indoors).

  • Yes, there are paper helicopters too.

Some cool paper airplanes:

Step 1 for flying a cool paper airplane is getting the right paper. I experimented with lots of different types of paper in the warehouse, and I found that smooth, 24 lb or 28 lb paper consistently had longer flight times than rougher, heavier papers. Yup, that means that regular old paper is ideal for flying paper airplanes. However, if you want some colorful planes, then we strongly suggest our brilliant brite hue line ;)

cool paper airplanes

Step 2 is deciding what type of paper airplane you want to make. YouTube has some excellent step-by-step tutorials on how to make a bunch of different paper airplanes



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