Amazing Envelopes: Our Pride and Joy for 58 Years

Amazing Envelopes: Our Pride and Joy for 58 Years

As we continue to add more and more products to our stockpile of stationery favorites, sometimes we forget what got us here in the first place - amazing envelopes. Our envelopes are our pride and joy, the gravy to our biscuits, the sweatpants to our wardrobe, the cushions to our couch fort.

When JAM Paper & Envelope (formerly known as Hudson Envelope Corp.) was founded in 1955, we had a vision in mind: to offer customers a bountiful selection of envelopes. Every day, millions of envelopes are sent and received, filling our mailboxes at work and home. So why not be the best? Why not be colorful? Why not be the most amazing envelopes you've ever seen? We will not provide answers to these rhetorical questions. Just know that the freedom of expression is a powerful thing and if you haven't realized that yet, our amazing envelopes will show you the way.

So whether you're looking for an elegant foil lined envelope, a silver bubble envelope, or a plain old business envelope, you can find it at our envelopes homepage. You name it, we got it.

If you're not quite sure what envelope you need, please consult our "Helpful Info" page on our official site. There you can see all the different sizes of envelopes and what they are typically used for.

amazing envelopes assortment of foil-lined, policy, straight-flap, open-clasp, and portfolio envelopes


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