8 Fall Ideas for a Whimsical Workspace!

desk, fall, string lights, toys

8 Fall Ideas for a Whimsical Workspace!

fall, found objects, desk, whimsical, homework, where the wild things are, string lights, decor, homework station, homework space,

A Back to School Homework Workspace is like a grown-up, work-from-home work space. *EXCEPT* for kids only! (Or very impish adults.) This means: more string lights, more yarn… more forts! So grab a pen and a glossy notebook: it’s time to take down these 8 JAM ways to add a touch of whimsy to homework this year with a Back to School Workspace!

1. Paper Table Covers

draw, crayons, paper bag, table cover

draw, crayons, paper bag, table cover

Sometimes you just gotta doodle. We chose a brown Kraft wrapping paper as a makeshift table cover, for doodling. It’s 100% recycled.

2. Found Objects

found objects, clothes pins, jars, desk, twine, string lights
Featuring JAM Large 1 1/2″ Burlap Covered and Ruler Design Wood Clips

Fall is perfect for bricolage, and bricolage is perfect for personalizing a workspace. Hunt for leaves, twigs, abandoned bird’s nests, natural twine, and cute wood clips to give your workstation a natural, ethereal look.

3. String Lights

string lights, stapler, binder clips
Featuring a JAM Complete Desk Kit in red

What jamboree is complete without string lights? They help when it’s dark out — or when you need inspiration. Plus, they’re magical ~~

4. Labels

labels, paper bag, back to school
If you have to label your creative space, use cute labels.

5. Buckets

bucket, desk, desk accessories, tape dispenser, stapler, crayons

Buckets are great organizational tools. A bold, patterned pail adds a splash of retro fun to our neutral homework station.

6. Play Things!

binder clips, toys, beads, string lights, clothes pins

Stare into the abyss of an aquamarine orb. Roll a marble under your palm… Ooooommm…. Isolating your senses can be a powerful method of stress-relief. (Plus it’s cheaper than an Xbox 360.) A few colorful beads and ornamental doorknobs accent our workstation. Try marbles or steampunk gadgets as well.

7. Funny Pictures

Desk, Frame, Michael Sowa, Amelie Room

Whether it’s Whybie and Coraline, or one of our favorite Michael Sowa’s, a funny picture keeps your space creative and reminds your kid of what keeps her ticking!

8. Diaries!

diary, stapler, desk accesories

Some folks are all about color coordination — others like sparkles and BOLD patterns. A stapler, tape dispenser, and journal in matching, bold colors gives you middle ground between Offred and Liberace.

– Happy Hunting!

Author: Ellison Williams

Ellison is a fellow marketeer and blogger for JAM Paper. He loves hazelnut spread, Picasso, and Beyoncé.

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  1. Brilliant! I think I’ll do journaling this fall. It will be a good exercise for my brain while writing good memories and lessons learned.

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