6 Crazy, Creative, and Handy Ways to Use Paper Clips

6 Crazy, Creative, and Handy Ways to Use Paper Clips

Here are some crazy ways to use paper clips:

1. Make a Paper Clip Necklace or Bracelet

gold paper clip bracelet on wrist

Sure, your accessory may not exactly look like it came from Kay Jewelers or Zales. But it’ll still look pretty cool! And who could ever say that they have the same one as you?

2. Opening the SIM Card Slot on Your iPhone

We've all been there at one point or another. For whatever reason, you need to remove your phone's SIM Card or reset an electronic. You grab the nearest pen, but to your disappointment, it just isn’t slim enough to do the trick. Well, fear no more! The paper clip has got you covered.

3. The Standing Paper Clip Organizer

large gray organizer with mail and files on desk

These paper clips offer that chic, rustic look while still doing what they do best... holding paper! With this neat standing organizer on your desk, you can be sure to keep a watchful eye on all your important papers and receipts.

4. Hair Clip

white paper clip pinned in girl's hair

Now, I'm not saying that this is the most stylish option out there. But for the ladies who need to keep their hair out of their faces in a pinch and don't have any other options, a paper clip is sure to get the job done.

5. Let's Not Forget this Bookmark Post From a Few Months Ago

ways to use paper clips: diy paperclip bookmarks on open journal page

Check it out.

6. Zipper Substitute

plain paperclip attached to zipper on red clothing

It just makes things easier.

7. Holding Paper Together

sheet of white paper on brown desk with red paper clip

Gotcha! Notice the article was titled 6 creative uses, not 7.


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