5 Steps to Craft a Paper Guitar Pick

5 Easy Steps to Making a Paper Guitar Pick

Guitar picks are easy to come by, but they're just as easy to lose. Much like hair ties, they seem to disappear into thin air.

Frustrated? We feel you! We were thinking, well, if you're going to constantly lose your guitar picks, why not save some cash and make your own?

It's easy to do, and super efficient. 1 sheet of cardstock can produce up to 8 picks! That's loads cheaper than buying 8 picks. Plus, nothing says “punk rock” like playing with a homemade, DIY paper guitar pick you designed in 3 minutes.

What You'll Need

Guitar Pick




Scotch Tape

Pen or Pencil

Step 1

Take a (real) guitar pick and trace it 5 or 6 times on a sheet of cardstock. If you've already lost every last guitar pick you own, simply draw and cut one out to use as a template.

sheet of white cardstock with traced outlines of guitar picks on a desk with scissors and glue Guitar picks cut out of white paper and arranged in star shape on desk

Step 2

Glue all 5-6 picks together!

white paper with cutout and glue on one sidetwo layers of white paper cutout shape stacked togetherhand holding glued white cardstock cutouts

Step 3

Draw the most rockin' design you can possibly come up with. (We chose the JAM logo, but your choice is up to you.)

hand holding white paper guitar pick with red jam logo  back of white paper cutout pick with words blog in red

Step 4

Laminate your homemade pick with some handy Scotch tape. Don't worry too much about being neat here because in the next step you'll... 

white paper cutout shape with red jam logo covered in scotch tape

Step 5

Cut off the excess tape around the edges and proceed to begin jamming, courtesy of JAM!

diy white paper guitar pick with red jam logo

Easy, right? Show us your designs by tagging us @jampaper on social media!

Edited by Dana Kim on 3/26/2020.


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