5 Creative Place Card Ideas

What are place cards? Place cards are typically little cards or pieces of paper that indicate the names and sometimes seats of guests. At weddings, you can use these name cards to assign people to certain table numbers (they are also called escort cards). Place cards can be simple and chic, sophisticated and formal, or creative and fun, depending on your event and the look you want! Our printable business and place cards are ideal for your summer soiree or wedding. You’ll make your guests feel extra special by adding this personal touch to your table setting! Here are some JAM-approved place card ideas and tips for setting up your place cards.

5 Creative Place Card Ideas

Two light-colored place cards with dainty decorations.

[printable place cards]

Three bright, bold, and unique place cards.

[printable business cards]

***Get the look: Fold together two connected business cards, dot the top with our gold paint pen, and personalize with letter stickers. Or, if you prefer something more elaborate, try adding a paper flower!***

Some Tips for Using Place Cards:

Start early!

Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out the seating chart. Whether you’re planning for a 300-person wedding or a dinner party of 10, assigning seats is no easy task! Take one stressful thing off your to-do list and make sure that your best friend doesn’t have to spend the whole night having her ear talked off by your chatty aunt. Use your guest list as a guide and make revisions as RSVPs file in.

Your font choice matters!

Make sure to choose a font that’s large and clear enough for all guests to read. If you are hand-writing your place cards, be clear in your print or script. At large parties and weddings, having easy-to-read place cards makes it easier for people to find their seats quickly. That means more dancing time!

Create a theme.

Place cards are a simple, tasteful way to tie your event theme together. And with JAM’s extensive color options, you’ll have no trouble finding the one that fits your needs! If you want to get a little more creative, consider adding designs and decorations, such as a contrasting 3D bow, to fully complement your motif.

Be cautious of names and titles.

For any formal events, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got your guests’ titles down correctly. And don’t forget to triple-check your spelling! How would you feel if you showed up to your cousin’s wedding and realized your name was spelled wrong? It’s a simple oversight that some people could take very personally.

Account for friends of guests.

Typically each guest has his or her own place card at weddings, so it’s important to learn the names of any plus-ones ahead of time. Leave some space on the reply cards when you send out your wedding invites.

Want to create your own but not sure if you'll have the time? We get it—wedding planning can be so stressful. But this doesn't have to be a source of stress. Have your bridesmaids and/or family and friends help you out and make a fun bonding experience out of this craft!

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