15 Bizarre Invitations You Can Mail Without Envelopes!

15 Bizarre Invitations You Can Mail Without Envelopes!

From birthdays to family gatherings, celebrations are a part of life. The memories we create at these events are precious and we carry them with us for the rest of our lives. You know, like last Thanksgiving when your Uncle Frank took off Aunt Peggy’s wig and put it on for karaoke? That one had everyone laughing for months.
But why celebrate only the physical get-togethers? Why not celebrate occasions everywhere, even if you can’t be there for them?
With these 15 invitations, you can do just that. No envelopes needed!
We know how complicated UPS can get with all those outbound emails and different types of envelopes. But don’t worry! As long as these items have a valid address and proper postage, you are free to mail away.
Keep scrolling to see all the kinds of invitations you can mail without envelopes!


coconuts, invitations you can send without envelopes

Can you really mail a coconut? The answer is yes! Coconut invitations are perfect for tropical or Hawaiian-themed parties.

Flip Flops

Flip flop

Hosting a pool party? Send each of your guests a pair of flip flops so they can wear them straight to the party!

Inflatable Beach Balls

Inflatable beach ball

Throwing a party on the beach? Send inflatable beach balls as invites. Coolest party of the year!



Frisbee is a great outdoor activity for adults and kids alike. They’re perfect for barbecues and birthday parties. Make your event even more exciting by throwing a Frisbee design contest! Send out Frisbees to your guests, ask them to decorate them, and see who comes up with the best design.



Why in the world would you send someone a brick? Because you want to host a housewarming party, of course!
Each brick would represent the foundation of your new place. This unique invite reflects the sentiment that, without family and friends, your house wouldn't be a home. No, really, I think this is genius. I’m probably going to do this when I finally leave the nest.



For birthday parties, you can send your guests cakes—but not the edible kind. Sandra from She Knows can show you how to make a cake postcard made out of a sponge. If you're wondering if you can mail sponges, the answer is yes.


Is it Thanksgiving yet? Invite your guests over to dinner by reminding them how good your mashed potatoes are… with a special potato invite! Spread the word that the only way they will taste your mashed potatoes again is if each guest brings his or her potato back. See how many of your family members actually do it!


Throwing an ice cream or baking party? Send your guests some sprinkles! Amber Lee from the Giver's Log says that as long as the total weight is less than 13 ounces, you'll be good to go.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs

Invite your family over for Easter dinner by sending them plastic Easter eggs! Use our Shred Tissue to make sure they arrive nice and snug.

 Boxes of Candy

Mike and Ike box

Send your guests their favorite box of candy as invites to your Halloween party. Attendance guaranteed.



Whether you’re preparing for Cinco de Mayo or throwing a Mexican-themed party, sending out sombreros will give your guests a pretty good indicator of what’s about to go down.



How amazing would it be to send a piñata to each of your guests? Don’t forget to include the party details along with all the candy.



Maybe you’re throwing a lemonade/limeade juicing party. Or you’re serving your famous homemade margaritas. Or maybe you just like the color lime green. It’s a lime! Get creative.



Send your pals rocks for a rock climbing party. Coolness!



The next time you host a sleepover, send your guests pillows that they can bring in and lay on.
It's important not to take life too seriously. Live a little and send your family and friends some strange party invitations every once in a while. It’ll make your day and theirs!
Thanks for reading this article! We hope you take advantage and try something on this list. Have you ever sent or received any invitations you can mail without envelopes? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

Edited on 12/13/2019 by Dana Kim.


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