Matte Bags

When you want color but not shine, when you want the gift to be what they look at and not the light that reflects on it, Matte Bags are for you! The beautiful finish allows for a clean, chic, and stylish look all the while having the pop of color of your desire.

We have over 10 sizes to choose from small to extra large, from wine to square style! Our assortment is so great that almost any kind of gift (other than like, a car or something) will be able to fit inside one of the gift bags. Have a small jewelry box? Choose small. Have a large nerf gun? Choose extra large horizontal.

And the colors are endless as well! With over fifteen different colors, you'll be able to find one suitable for any occasion. Black tie event? Choose ... well ... black. Your little girl's birthday? Choose Hot Pink. Going to a wedding? Choose gold, silver, white.

The possibilities of these Matte Bags (non glossy) will give you and your recipient much excitement. So start shopping!

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