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Hearts Design Wrapping Paper

Hearts Design Wrapping Paper

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So Al Green may not have known how you can mend a broken heart, but we sure do! Wrap that diamond ring in this wrapping paper and we're pretty sure she'll forgive you. Not guaranteed of course but, we think it’s the best chance you have. This heart designed wrapping paper will grab her heart even before she opens the box to see that diamond ring you were too afraid to give her before you realized what you were missing. Maybe you can give her a fake. She won’t notice because she will fall so much in love with the wrapping paper that she won’t even care about how many carats there are in the ring. (Again, not guaranteed).

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, your anniversary, and mending that broken heart, nothing says “I love you” quite like this wrapping paper (and that diamond ring that we talked about earlier).

These wrapping paper rolls are 12 sq ft and are available in 2 designs including: Pink with Hearts wrapping paper, Red & Pink Hearts wrapping paper rolls.

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