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Shimmer Tissue Paper

Shimmer Tissue Paper

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Shimmer Tissue Paper isn't like your regular sheets of tissue. Yes, it shimmers (we know you all can read, since you're reading this) ... but it's more than that. It makes every gift ten times better than it originally was. So when you wrap up your dad's annual tie for Father's Day in this, he won't just smile and say thank you, he'll hug you tight. 

And our assortment of unique colors will certainly match with your gift bag! From Hot Pink Watermelon to match your hot pink gift for your daughter to Antique Brass which will match the elegant wedding gift you're giving, we have it all. 

We have 3 pack tissue paper sheets or 100 pack tissue paper reams. Tissue Paper sheets are 20 x 26. So whether you want to wrap that one special gift, or store some for the whole year, our pack sizes will certainly do the trick for either occasion. 

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