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Wraffia Bundles

Wraffia Bundles

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With this bundle of wraffia your mom will never say that typical mom phrase “this is the last straw!” again. You can wrap all of her presents with this rustic straw-like wraffia and her city like attitude will diminish completely. Tie this around anything – from ornaments to gifts. Your parents would fall in love with the homemade and natural look of wraffia. 

The best part is it comes in so many different colors that you can choose one that stands out like our lime green or hot pink colors. If you’re trying to keep it more simple then go with our natural or brown bundle. Any choice you pick is going to bring your decorating so a new level.  We all know you can’t make bricks without some straw, just like you can’t get a great compliment about your gift wrapping without the touch of wraffia!

Our Wraffia Bundles contain 1.7 ounces. Available in nine different colors: Brown, Green, Hot Pink, Purple, Dark Green, Lime Green, Natural, Yellow, and Navy Blue. Be sure to pick your favorite one!

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