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Woven Edged Ribbon

Woven Edged Ribbon

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Weave your way through your gift wrapping with this 1 inch woven edged ribbon. Instead of trying to dodge gift wrapping all together, try using this ribbon! One simple bow will create an amazing present and it will only take you a few minutes to create the end product! So that birthday present or Christmas present you really weren't looking forward to wrapping will be your favorite part of the holiday (and yes, a birthday is a holiday)! 

The great part about this ribbon is that you don’t just have to use it for gift wrapping! Use it for arts & crafts: make cool borders on your poster board or decorate your invitation sets with a sliver of the ribbon. Everyone will be noticing the work you put in and compliment you in return. And what's better than an awesome compliment? So instead of trying to get around gift wrapping or arts & crafts, embrace it with this awesome woven edged ribbon! 

1 Inch Woven Edged Ribbon contain 12 ft. of ribbon per spool.

Colors available: Lime Green, Purple, Red, Blue & White.  

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