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Twisted Kraft Ribbon

Twisted Kraft Ribbon

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Okay so we don't want you to get it twisted. We know you might be inclined to get confused with this Twisted Kraft Ribbon but don’t worry. It is real, it is sturdy, and it does come in colors to die for. Not literally – if your head is still twisted.

Use this ribbon for all kinds of purposes! From gift wrapping to super cool arts and crafts you’re sure to get some good use out of it. Even bordering your invitation will make everyone be super excited that they were invited! Have some fun with this ribbon and tie it around a vase with those flowers your secret admirer sent you on your birthday! And when those roses dry up tie even more ribbon around the bouquet so you can keep it forever! Since you still don't know who sent it and its been about three months, the twisted ribbon will match your confusion. You can’t get more symbolic than that!

25 yards of Twisted Kraft Ribbon. Available in Green, Light Purple, and Red.

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