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Yellow Twine

Yellow Twine

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You'll definitely be on cloud nine with our yellow twine! And since you'll be so close to the clouds, what's better than a color that matches the sun? This twine will make any kind of present or project seem ten times brighter, lighter and more fun. 

Get your crafting on with this yellow twine. Whether you're using it to brighten up that DIY project or create a summery feel to your awesome invitations, this twine will be able to decorate any kind of item with style and pizzazz. Twine is great for bundling up newspapers and pens so that they stay in place. Or use this fine twine for the next birthday present you're giving. Yellow brings smiles to everyone's faces and this twine will do just that. Cloud nine is ready for you!

Yellow Twine measures out to 73 yards a spool and can be ordered individually or in bulk. This way you'll have that summery look for a long time! 

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