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White Rapphia Ribbon

White Rapphia Ribbon

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You no longer have to white knuckle the stressful holidays. With this white rapphia ribbon, your holidays just got brighter, whiter, and a whole lot easier. This pure white ribbon, complete with a twisted texture, will give your Christmas wrapping extra elegance and extra beauty with a simple swoop, loop, and pull.

White might not technically be a color, but it sure does compliments every 'real' color out there. Whether you use our White Wraphia for those traditional red and green Christmas presents, use it to tie your elegant gold wedding invitations together, or even just to tie your pens together to keep them in place. This ribbon will hold everything tight but also add style and class into everything it touches. Now you can stop stressing about the crazy holidays - just tie this ribbon together and call it a day! 

White Rapphia Ribbon is available in 100 yard spools and has a width of .375 inches. 

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