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White Nylon Cord

White Nylon Cord

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We know how tongue-tied people get when they first notice this white nylon cord. The shine leaves everyone stutter in disbelief and the strength makes them stop talking all together. But who wouldn't want to make an impression like this? 

From household projects to gift wrapping to decorative crafts, this nylon cord will certainly compliment any type of circumstance. The bright white matches with any kind of color - from gold Christmas presents, to glass vases, and any color hair! Whether you want to keep this cord for its super strength or for its super shine, or maybe both, this nylon cord will certainly please you. All you need to do is tie it in a bow and your craft just got a super shiny upgrade! Resilient and beautiful, this white nylon cord is stronger than ribbon and at the same time will leave all of your items decorated nicely. 

White Nylon Cord measures out to 3 yards a spool with a .375 width.

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