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White Feather Ribbon

White Feather Ribbon

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Fantastic, feathered, and fancy, this white feather ribbon will surely leave a strong impression. Who would've guessed that feathers could look so classy?! If you are in need of a great accessory to your fancy crafts, this glimmering white will enhance any kind of DIY project. Fluff up those feathers and fluff up those crafts with the white accessory every crafter needs. 

The metallic finish will add extra shine to your crafts or wrapping paper, and the white color will compliment any kind of theme you have going. Whether you're making a hot pink birthday card or decorating a super ornate lamp, these feathers will be the statement you've been looking for. Staple, tape, glue or tie the ribbon to easily attach something fantastic to any kind of item. 

White Feather Ribbons are available in a 3 yard spool and a shiny bright white. The perfect length for that special gift for that super special someone. Don't let it go to waste! 

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