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Silver Rapphia Ribbon

Silver Rapphia Ribbon

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You won't just want a sliver of this silver, you'll want the whole 100 yards (maybe all to yourself). This Silver Wraphia Ribbon will bring some twisted texture and some extra shine into anything, making it an essential for all gift wrapping. 

The silver color will bring shine into anything and compliment all. Make a cute border around your wedding invitations, decorate your home, or tie this ribbon onto the next birthday gift for a beautiful accessory. Swoop, loop, and pull tight - those three actions are all you need to make your gifts, invites, or decorations stand out. The 100 yard spool will last you a long time, so long that you'll be able to use it for all of the birthdays you celebrate in a year. Who would want a sliver of silver when you can get a spool? 

Silver Rapphia Ribbon is sold in 100 yard spools in a shiny silver you won't want to pass up. 

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