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Red Rapphia Ribbon

Red Rapphia Ribbon

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THIS JUST IN: Red Rapphia Rewarded Ravishing Ribbon of the Year! Unfortunately, we couldn't get an 'r' word for year, but hey it's true! This red rapphia will certainly make all of your decorations and crafts, presents and party favors as ravishing, romantic, and radiant as it gets. Since red is the color of love and passion, why not use this red ribbon to wrap your Valentine's Day present together? Or go for a festive look for your Christmas presents. Red always stands out from the crowd, so tying anything with these beautiful beauties (creative, huh?) will ensure an outstanding look. 

Our Red Rapphia Ribbon contains a unique twisted texture while staying smooth. Measuring in 100 yard spools or 60 foot spools, you'll have enough ribbon to go around! 

Our 100 yard spools come in a vibrant red sure to catch some eyes and a burgundy plum that defines what beauty and elegance is all about. Our 60 ft spool comes in Imperial Red, making anything it touches shine bright. 


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