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Red Metallic Nylon Ribbon

Red Metallic Nylon Ribbon

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Boop-boop-de-doop-oop! Betty Boop just fell in love with this ribbon! It's her favorite color and it also gives off that shine that she always has! Her red lips would definitely kiss this ribbon as she uses it to update her famous garter. 

This red metallic and nylon ribbon will definitely upgrade your gift wrapping! That Christmas present that was falling flat will definitely pop after you wrap it with this ribbon! It will also make your birthday, Valentine's Day, or anniversary cards as attractive as Betty Boop herself! (We all have to admit, she's a good looking cartoon!). 

This red ribbon's design will glamorize anything and everything you attach it to! Glam up paper, cards, gifts, even your hair band with this ribbon and be complimented! If you want to be remembered like the sexy Betty Boop, choose this ribbon. 

Red metallic nylon ribbon is available in 3 yard spools. Ribbon is 67% metallic and 33% nylon.

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