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Pink Rapphia Ribbon

Pink Rapphia Ribbon

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Imagine a world without pink. There would be no color that speaks to feminine power, no Pink Panther or Jigglypuff. There would be no Pink Floyd (it would most likely be Black Floyd, which sounds horrible). But the most significant loss would be this Pink Rapphia ribbon. Not having this hot pink ribbon to wrap all of your presents in would be a serious bummer. Pink Rapphia Ribbon is the perfect accessory for gift wrapping, crafting, household projects and so much more. So not having it would be like handing the present in a plastic bag. And what’s the fun in that?

Great for any event! From Easter to Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, and baby showers, this ribbon (who would surely be missed if there was no pink in the world) will decorate any occasion and any present in style.

Pink Rapphia Ribbon is available in 1.7 ounce bundles and available in a radical hot pink. Purchase individually or in bulk.

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