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Ivory Tux Stripe Ribbon

Ivory Tux Stripe Ribbon

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Ivory Tux Stripe Ribbon is classy and appropriate for any time of the year. Made of slit edge polyester satin, this elegant, glossy ribbon features subtle tone-on-tone stripes which add a little bit of flair to any decorations or crafts you may want to use it for. The firming finish makes bow-making a breeze, and will hold them tight so you don't have to worry about them coming undone.

Ideal for those refined, formal occasions, Ivory Tux Stripe Ribbon will take over the spotlight at company dinners and birthday bashes. But don’t rule it out of everyday purposes! It’s so subtle, it won’t look at all out-of-place in your lower-scale projects. No matter where you go with it, everyone will admire its unique, sleek quality. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to show off!

Rolls measure:

-5/8 in x 100 yd
-1 3/8 in x 100 yd
-1 7/8 in x 100 yd
-2 1/2 in x 50 yd

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