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Green Grosgrain Ribbon

Green Grosgrain Ribbon

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Did you know that Green Day’s favorite ribbon is this one?! Not because their name (totally not because of that), but because it can last through a crazy concert of theirs? They could pull it, slam it on the ground, stomp on it, and it will still be as green and as beautiful as before the sweaty performance started. It can even last through a mosh pit! Now that is definitely saying something!

Tie up your presents and gifts with this ribbon and you’ll never be considered a “Basket Case” or an “American Idiot”. Rather, the ribbon will make such a statement that instead of walking down that “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, you’ll be walking down the road to a sign that says “Welcome to Paradise”.

This grosgrain ribbon can even be its own wrapping! Just tie this together to make a perfect bow on a Green Day CD and your punk best friend will give you that rock sign and stick out her tongue. (That means thank you in punk language).

Green grosgrain ribbon comes in 25 to 50 yard rolls, ranging from 3/8" to 7/8" in width.

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