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Gold Rapphia Ribbon

Gold Rapphia Ribbon

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Grandiose Gold twirled in Rapphia Ribbon! What other color and ribbon do you need? The extravagent color that reminds people of elegance, royalty, and luxury combined with the unique twisted texture of rapphia will give everything it touches something for everyone to talk about. Use this ribbon for your Christmas, wedding, or birthday presents. Or use this to tie together a beautiful bouquet of roses or even your rolled up newspaper! Want to get extra crafty? Make this a beautiful border for your wedding or Christmas invitations or use it for any other DIY! 

Our Gold Raphhia Ribbon is wrapped in a spool of 100 yards! Basically the length of a whole football field, you'll definitely get what the amount you need to last you a whole year or a huge gift giving extravaganza! 

Want to check out other colors of our beautiful Rapphia? Look under our 'Other JAM'n Products You Might Like' for an assortment of different colors! 

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