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Gold Curling Ribbon

Gold Curling Ribbon

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Take a look at these lovely golden curls. I bet Goldilocks would've loved these! The bears ... not so much, or maybe they would've just stolen these spools out of revenge. 

Gold is the color of success, victory, affluence, and extravagance. So make your gifts the most successful and at least appear to be the most affluent out of the bunch of Christmas presents your family is putting under the tree. Or tie your balloons together with an elegant and classy color! The super curls are sure to make anyone impressed! Or use these to tie together cute and small party favors from your wedding. Seriously though, you doesn't love gold? 

Gold Curling Ribbon is available in 66 ft. The 66 ft spools are called ribbon eggs and are available in Gold Hologram and Light Gold Ribbon. You are sure to find the perfect length for your occasion. 


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