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Brown Raffia Ribbon

Brown Raffia Ribbon

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Brown is the color of warmth, sincerity, and charm. Coming from Madagascar, humble raffia palm tree leaves are commonly used to add a touch of elegance. Twirl raffia cords around packages, wreaths, gifts, and crafts. From birthday parties to extravagant weddings use its smooth yet sturdy texture to tie around party favors or floral arrangements.

It’s excellent for weaving or making unique decorations. Create raffia balls and illuminate them for barbeques or pool parties. Don’t be afraid to let your decorations linger outdoors, raffia is well equipped for wet weather and won’t shrivel in the rain. You can even weave baskets together for an awesome storage holder for your knitting, crafting, or office supply needs. Don't go without this rustic yet charming brown ribbon. With its twirling and twisting texture, your craft projects will look great! 

Our Brown Raffia Ribbon comes in two different styles:

- Brown Wraffia Bundle that weighs 1.7 ounces

- Brown Wraffia Spool that measures 100 yards: in Kraft or Copper. 

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