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Black Twine

Black Twine

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Baking isn't finished when the timer goes off, it's finished when you wrap a bow of baker's twine on the top of the box. With our Black Baker's Twine, your candies, cookies, and cake will be tied together beautifully - literally and figuratively! Black Baker's Twine is in shaded in black and white, making sure that you get the classiest, most professional, best look out there. 

We also carry solid black twine. This way you can wrap your newspapers together nicely and presents together perfectly. Twine is incredibly handy to have around the house, and why not have the most stylish and classic color there is too? The combination is pretty much perfect! Don't let your taste go to waste. Choose black and choose twine! 

Black Twine comes in 73 yards and our Black Baker's Twine comes in spools of 109 or 500 yards. So go for our twine and have it for a long time! 

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