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Black Curling Ribbon

Black Curling Ribbon

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When you want to curl up with a good spool of ribbon, your best bet is black. Super sleek, super sophisticated, and super sturdy, this Black Curling Ribbon is sure to bring your decorations to a whole new level. The best part is black goes with everything, so your presents, no matter what color wrapping paper you use, will be dresses to the nines. 

The way it curls will leave you speechless. Typically used to decorate gift bags and party favors, and to tie those balloons together, this curling ribbon is a great accessory to anything it touches. From orange Halloween balloons to classy white gift bags, from sultry red invites to gold part favors, this black curling ribbon will ensure a sophisticated look. 

Our Black Curling Ribbon is available in 90 yard spools, 500 yard spools, and even available in a ribbon egg which measures to 66 feet. In other words, this cute curling ribbon will last you a long time! So go ahead and curl up, get cozy, and start shopping! 

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