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Nylon Knit Ribbon

Nylon Knit Ribbon

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We aren't stretching the truth when we say this ribbon is unlike any other. The stretch from the nylon material will let you wrap your gift with ease. Did you cut just a little less than you should've? Don't worry, with this stretch you won't have to start again or throw out unused ribbon. Because who would want to throw out such great ribbon? The shiny, metallic material will make your gift memorable. Once they see this wrapped around their birthday gift, it will be the first one they'll want to open! 

And with our sweet colors, your style will definitely be noticed. From our deep red to our light lavender, those gifts are sure to say "pick me!" So when you're in need of the perfect accessory for your gift, this ribbon will help you with that home stretch! 

Decorative Metallic Nylon Knit Ribbon is available in 3 yard spools. Available in Red, Blue, Fuchsia, White, & Lavender.

Ribbon is 67% metallic and 33% nylon.

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