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Metallic Rolls

Metallic Rolls

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Get your kicks on Route 66! The Rolling Stones and Nat King Cole both knew what that meant (and they were basically totally opposite in the music world!). And now JAM is here to teach you. Route 66 symbolizes the amount of feet our awesome Metallic rolls come in! The Rolling Stones used to wrap these metallic rolls around their microphones to highlight Mick Jagger’s crazy dance moves. Nat King Cole used it for different purposes. He is the singer behind the classic “The Christmas song” so he would always tie up his Christmas gifts with the Green and Red spools. His fans screamed when getting gifts from him, the sparkle of the roll was just so bright. He was like the Santa Claus of his day!

Metallic Rolls of cord are available in Blue, Red, & Green. Measuring in 66 feet long, these rolls won't be running out anytime soon! The Rolling Stones’ career (that is still going) lasted on only three of these! So don't worry about having to replace these spools; the durability is that strong! 

Metallic spool of Red Tinsel Cord is 25ft. (It's the outcast of the family – don’t remind it). 

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