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Party Supplies > Gift Bows > Mini Gift Bows - 2 Inch Diameter

Mini Gift Bows - 2 Inch Diameter

Mini Gift Bows - 2 Inch Diameter

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Just because these gift bows are mini doesn't mean they won't make a big statement! These shiny gift bows are the perfect topping on the cake (we mean gift - or cake if it's super snazzy and decorative). Whether you're giving your soon to be wife her engagement ring, whether you're hanging out your daughter her favorite store's gift card, or decorating Christmas ornament, these mini gift bows are sure to fit any of those occasions (and any other event you can think of that we cannot currently). 

Since these mini gift bows measure in a 2 inch diameter, they will be the cutest accessory on the birthday block. So don't go without the best or the cutest! 

Our Mini Gift Bows are currently only available in Silver - the color that matches with every gift bag and gift box! (How perfect?) Use this silver for holiday gifts, wedding gifts, or any other occasion! 

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