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Paper Table Covers

Paper Table Covers

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Paper! Paper! Read all about it! This week’s headline: JAM Paper Table Covers are so amazing that they will never go out of style or get your furniture messy or leave you with a big clean up after a big party bash or... (They ran out of room.)

This newspaper is obviously not doing well because their headlines are way too long, but they do give you valid information on why our Paper Table Covers are so “amazing”. We thought of other adjectives that might have been more attention grabbing but still make sense: awesome, effective, bold, super dooper. Okay we guess the word amazing works…

Use our paper table covers for that party of yours that is going to get messy quick! It’s an easy clean up once everyone has passed out or went home. And with our many different color choices, they will match any theme for any occasion!  

Rectangular Paper Table Covers have a waterproof plastic lining. Available in Pink, Black, Blue, Brown, Fuchsia, Ivory, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow, Gold and Silver.

Tablecovers measure 54 inches x 108 inches (40.5 sq ft).

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