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Silver Plastic Plates

Silver Plastic Plates

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Everyone expects things to be handed to them on a silver platter, so why not do so with our silver plastic plates? It'll be easy for you and feel easy to them! These disposable plates are great for those messy parties you always throw. All you need is a garbage bag and your party will be cleaned up in no time. 

The shiny silver color is great for any kind of occasion. From formal weddings to fun outdoor birthday parties, these glimmering plates are a great compliment to any and all types of themes. Better than the regular paper plates, this plastic is durable and strong so even the heaviest of foods will be secure on this plate. The two sizes will be perfect for appetizers and then dinner, so color coordinating won't be a problem for this year's party! Go super shiny with our super silver plates. 

Silver Plastic Plates are available in a Large round 10 inch, Medium round 9 inch, or Small round 7 inch size. 

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